Special skills and experience on repairing spray guns

This article was written because I received a customer’s question and found that there were many problems in the past few years. The customer still didn’t understand it. So I decided to write this article and share it with everyone I know. I hope to give some help to people in this industry.

First talk about today’s customer complaints: Before that, first talk about the type of paint sprayer used by the customer, the automatic spray gun, the main gas control master switch, and the atomizing air pressure, but it must be played when the main air is turned on. effect. The customer said that under all conditions, the spray gun only produces oil, but there is no gas, so there is no atomization and the sprayed paint is in a straight line. First of all, I analyzed that the paint could come out to prove that the spray gun was operating normally, whether the atomizing control valve was closed, and the customer confirmed that the atomizing control valve was also turned to the maximum position, so continue to search for the cause.

However, all the investigations were conducted to prove that the spray gun had no problem. What is the reason for that? Because the spray gun is mounted on top of the automatic coating line, there may be a problem with the piping, and the atomizing air has a control problem. In this case, the customer is required to unload the spray gun from above the automatic coating line and adjust it separately. In the adjustment of normal spray gun spray, atomization effect is very good, again proved that the spray gun without any problems. Therefore, it must be a pipeline problem. When we test the pipeline, the atomization gas pressure is very small, which naturally cannot drive the atomization of the spray gun. It may be that the power of the pump is not enough to bring the spray gun, so no paint is sprayed under negative pressure, and no atomization is likely to occur.

From here we conclude that:

The first point: Analyze the problem is to go a little bit, until you dig out the source, can not jump, check one point, go check the other.
The second point: Can’t focus on the issue only one thing, all things are connected, not to mention the need for mutual automatic painting line.

In the past few years, many customers have said that the spray gun has problems, but later found that it is the problem of other tools, people need to cooperate with each other to do things well, tools and tools are the same.

Post time: Mar-20-2018
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