Automatic spray gun principle and precautions

The interior of the automatic spray gun has a pneumatic piston mechanism. A stainless steel needle is arranged above the piston, and a set of high tension springs is installed behind the piston. When the compressed air stops being supplied, the spring pushes the piston and the needle forward. When the needle and the nozzle are in close cooperation with high precision to block the passage of liquid, conversely, when the compressed air is supplied, the pressure of the compressed air pushes the piston away, creating a gap between the needle and the nozzle to allow the liquid to be ejected. The ejected liquid is then contacted with the atomizing air to create an atomizing effect.
Japan Iwata WA-101 spray gun is a small automatic spray gun, suitable for spraying small objects, suitable for metal, toys, plastics, furniture, crafts, wood products and other spraying.


After the spray gun has been used, spray clean with sprayed paint thinner until the gun paint passage is clean. Otherwise, the dry blocking of the gun coating will affect the normal use of the gun. The specific cleaning method; close the compressed air, remove the paint tank, pour the gun paint back into the paint tank, pour the paint in the tank into the container; pour about 1/4 volume of solvent into the paint tank Rinse, put on the paint tank, turn on the compressed air, repeatedly rock and spray several times; open the nozzle, wash it with solvent and install it; erase the paint on the gun body.
When cleaning the spray gun, attention should be paid to the following points: Use a soft brush for brushing, prohibit the use of metal brushes, and do not use hard objects to scratch or scrape, prevent the nozzles from being worn, and change the shape of the jet; avoid the guns directly soaking in the solvent. Anti-residual paints are attached to the engine parts and the lubricants on the guns can be removed by rubbing with a soft cloth stained with a solvent. The knurled parts on the gun are adjusted by hand to avoid the use of pliers tools; regular needle valves and bolts Lubricate the lubricating oil at the pin; apply light grease or petrolatum lubricating needle valve and needle valve spring regularly. Do not use silicon-containing oil.
Spray room seal
In order to make the air in the spray booth clean, dust-free, the doors and windows of the spray booth should be equipped with air purification filter devices, commonly used 200 mesh silk cloth installed on the doors and windows, so that the air entering the spray room is filtered, dust, to achieve purification purpose. In front of the worktable is a curtain dryer and an exhaust fan, which allows the paint mist produced during the spraying operation to be discharged to the outside by the exhaust fan, keeping the indoor air fresh, which is good for the operator’s health, and can also prevent flying paint. The mist splashes on the painted surface after spraying, ensuring that the coated surface is smooth and smooth.

Post time: Mar-20-2018
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